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Hi amazing people!!! Since my birthday is almost here (ok it's 5 days before Christmas... that's almost for me) and Christmas too I want to share with you what I would like to get, and maybe give you some inspo... Continue Reading →


Exercise #2

Hi !! Today as promised I bring you a set of exercises to help you get in shape not only for the summer! First I will explain some of the exercises in case you are not acquainted with them. DB Squat consists... Continue Reading →

Summer Body

Hi Loves, About 2 months ago I've started doing exercise again, and... oh boy was it hard!!! I was never the gym kind of person, nor the running on the streets type either! Let me explain better: I sign up... Continue Reading →

Today’s Look

Hi Lovelies, Today I have a look I want to share with you! If you don't have anything from here or if you already have most things I think this will help you create new looks! Hope you all enjoy ... Continue Reading →

The Body Shop Goodies

Hi girls!! So in today's post I want to share with you some new stuff I've got from The Body Shop! Everyone knows a good makeup routine needs a skin care routine, or else your makeup won't be flawless! Having... Continue Reading →

Sunday walk

Hi!! Today I though I'd show you some inspirations for a Sunday with family, or a walk in the park!! For me the most important is to be cozy and casual, nothing to fancy!!

What time is it?

Hi gorgeous people!! Ever wonder how to get a fancy watch but without bankrupt yourself? I think I got your back... For under 30€ you can find the most amazing and stylish watches!! You don't have to spend money on... Continue Reading →

Spring is coming!

Hey guys!! I hope you are all well!! Since spring is almost here, lets be really optimistic and hope for good weather so that we can wear this...   Olá e bem-vindos a mais um post!! Hoje vou muito direta... Continue Reading →

Backpacks are back!

If you though that backpacks are only meant for child or college students, then you were wrong! In fact this accessory as become more and more common on adults! There are several designs that you can choose from, and nowadays... Continue Reading →

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