Hi girls!! So in today’s post I want to share with you some new stuff I’ve got from The Body Shop!

Everyone knows a good makeup routine needs a skin care routine, or else your makeup won’t be flawless! Having this in mind I decided to change all my face products, only because I’ve started to get A LOT of texture and I don’t know why! After some research I’ve decided to go to TBS and to get some goodies, and I need to go there to buy another cream that was sold out!

A good face care routine always starts with some sort of cleanser. I still use my one and only Nivea Mousse cleanser that as never failed me. It is a soft cleanser, meaning that it won’t damage your skin on a long run.

The next step only occurs 3 times a week because it is more intense. I use the Youth Liquid Peel Β from TBS, in a clean and dry face. It feels very smooth after you’ve used it. The best thing about this product is that I only need one pump to do the job!DSC_0003

After I rinse my face, I proceed with an hydrating toner with vitamin E from TBS also. This water is going to remove the residues that you may still have from makeup, cleanser or exfoliant. It will also balance your skin’s pH as well as hydrate.DSC_0002

When everything is done, depending on whether is morning on night time, I usually use a cream that will protect and hydrate my skin. Morning time: Seaweed Oil-control gel cream Β from TBS; Night time: Nivea Night cream (in a previous post).Β DSC_0004