Hi !! Today as promised I bring you a set of exercises to help you get in shape not only for the summer! First I will explain some of the exercises in case you are not acquainted with them.

DB Squat consists of squating with weights and then, in a fast and strong movement, pushing the weights sky high. You should choose the weights that allow you to do the 30 reps but that are at the same time challenging and hard. You don’t need to do the 30 DB squats at once, you can take little 10 seconds intervals. When in doubt, grab 2 sets of weights, and if you can do the 30 reps without a problem with the light ones, switch to the heavier set in the next round.

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Warm up (repeat 4 times)

15 squats with weights

15 lung squats with weights (arms straight towards the sky)

15 knees to chest

15 burpees

Workout (repeat 3 times)

30 DB squats

800 m run

Thank you for following

Love Ana